Meet Joe Koza

A dual passion for animal health and for youth athletics has influenced Joseph T. Koza and his career. From his education to his work, Joe Koza has applied his passions, achieving excellence as a means of sharing his skills with others. Mr. Koza currently lives and works in the state of Illinois, where he is known as a compassionate veterinary technician with a keen understanding of animal health and wellness. When he is not helping the companion animals of his community, he can be found giving his time and talents to community youth athletic programs.

Background and Education

After completing his high school education in Illinois, Joey Koza was accepted to the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In 2009, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences from the university, an educational institution known for its rigorous pre-veterinary undergraduate and veterinary graduate programs. While at the University of Illinois, Joe Koza was active in intramural sports as well as the school’s Greek community. For the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity, Joe served as Sports Chairman and as Chaplain.

Veterinary Technician

With his BS degree in animal sciences in hand, Joseph Koza went to work for several veterinary clinics, both in his home state of Illinois as well as in Florida. Joe’s education at the University of Illinois more than adequately prepared him for the challenges he faces in the clinic environment.

A veterinary technician, often referred to as a vet tech, is responsible for many different aspects in a veterinary clinic. Working under the supervision of a certified Veterinarian, a vet tech is also a credentialed professional who must meet stringent educational and experience-based standards in order to gain certification of his/her own. Vet techs are vital to a well-managed vet clinic, supporting both the diagnostic and treatment needs of animals. Vet techs typically handle patient-centered tasks like:

  • Administering laboratory tests
  • Obtaining vital signs during clinic visits
  • Collecting samples for testing
  • Handling well-check and preliminary emergency exams of animal patients
  • Assisting during routine and emergency surgical procedures
  • Educating pet owners on after-care and animal wellness
  • Performing diagnostic tests like imaging

Joe Koza finds the veterinary field fascinating and incredibly rewarding. He has helped many families with the care and health concerns of their pets, and continues to apply himself to continuing his education in this field.

Personal Life

When not helping families with their pets, Joseph Koza can often be found spending quality time with his elderly parents in Wauconda, Illinois. Joe also spends quality time outdoors: Camping, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, and exploring new areas of the world.

He has traveled extensively in both the United States and nations in the Caribbean. During his travels, he became a certified scuba diver, opening a whole new world of adventure for him as he traveled. He has dived in some of the most popular spots in the Caribbean and continually seeks new adventures whenever his career allows.